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Find out what filters are available for your leads. Filters allow you to set criteria for the mortgage leads you receive.

Buying Mortgage Leads Online

Every day more and more mortgage shoppers utilize the Internet to study and purchase home mortgages. There is a great supply of mortgage leads today, millions of consumers looking to buy or refinance a home but there is only 20% the number of mortgage brokers left in business after the sub-prime melt-down. Don't waste your time or your money over unqualified or non-targeted mortgage leads. Make sure the leads you are buying are quality leads.

The following are basic criteria to determine if a mortgage lead is a high quality lead:

  • Fresh Leads - It is critical to find out how quickly mortgage lead brokers turns the lead around and delivers it to you. Some lead companies sell their leads in what they call "real time," which means the leads are fresh, usually no more than a day old. A recycled lead is a lead that a company will sell multiple times, or they are buying their leads in bulk at a cheap price and reselling them for a profit.

  • Accurate Leads - One of the biggest challenges mortgage lead generation companies face is obtaining accurate data from users because no company can completely stop users from entering inaccurate data. Some companies use telephone number/location software to make sure the area code in the phone number matches the state and other software and methods for weeding out inaccurate or fake leads.

  • True Leads - For example, someone that is truly interested in obtaining a mortgage rather than filling out a form because the website offered an incentive - incentivized leads.
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Some filters could include: 1st time home buyers, FHA secure leads, FHA refinance leads, homeowners looking to refinance their ARM, purchase leads for foreclosed homes, loan modification leads for homeowners who need assistance with foreclosure prevention.

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