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Find out what filters are available for your leads. Filters allow you to set criteria for the mortgage leads you receive.

The Mortgage Lead Vault offers live transfer leads and web-based hosted CRM. MLV has partnered with the leading web-based CRM provider that also offers integrated outbound dialers according to David Elkington, CEO of Inside Sales, as well as being known as the leading provider of on-demand Lead Response Management solutions.

Live Transfer Leads

Mortgage Lead Vault offers cost-effective live transfer leads that connect borrowers and mortgage brokers together by phone. A live transfer lead is the transfer of a prospective client to a sales representative at the moment the prospective lead expresses an interest in your product or services. It's an inbound, double-verified lead that needs a mortgage loan and meets your pre-determined lead criteria. If the prospect indicates an interest in a mortgage loan or refinance and indicates that they want to talk with an agent now, they are immediately put on the phone with you.

Life transfer leads are for people who offer the products and sales skills to close a genuine prospect that is on the phone waiting to talk with a sales agent.

Experienced agents who are good closers should handle live transfer leads. The complete data file for the lead is delivered to your inbox, so you have the information you need right in front of you. Then, you can simply concentrate on closing the sale.

Make sure that your agent is ready to pick up the phone when the lead transfers in. If you don't answer a live transfer call, it will automatically get routed to the next agent or broker on the distribution list, and you lose the lead.

Through the use of an online quotes system, agents have the ability to purchase and receive leads in a timely and efficient manner without overspending. The live transfer lead is generated over the Internet through a company owned or affiliate website. A response to a survey or a questionnaire is used to determine interest in specific purchasing needs. Then a follow-up call is made to verify the lead, and then the live transition to the specified salesperson takes place. State-of-the-art technology is employed to track and optimize each response.

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Some filters could include: 1st time home buyers, FHA secure leads, FHA refinance leads, homeowners looking to refinance their ARM, purchase leads for foreclosed homes, loan modification leads for homeowners who need assistance with foreclosure prevention.

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