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Find out what filters are available for your leads. Filters allow you to set criteria for the mortgage leads you receive.

The Mortgage Lead Vault offers quality leads and mortgage marketing campaigns led by the Lead Planet. We connect qualified loan applicants by telephone with our exclusive live transfer lead. These purchase leads can be integrated into web-based contact management systems like Leads 360 and Lead Mailbox.

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Get qualified home purchase lead quotes and connect with first time home buyers who are searching for mortgage lenders online. Mortgage Lead Vault offers custom tailored home loan lead generation campaigns. No lead company has better exposure to home mortgage applicants.

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MLV connects lenders, bankers and loan companies together consumers seeking a home purchase loan. Most loan officers like purchase mortgage leads because of new government loan programs enable borrowers with bad credit still get qualified for purchase or refinance transactions.

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Some purchase loan filters could include: 1st time home buyers, FHA secure leads, FHA, VA, conforming, jumbo leads. Connect with homeowners looking to buy a new home. Get qualified purchase leads for foreclosed homes, loan modification leads for homeowners who need assistance with foreclosure prevention.

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